Make Lasting Wedding Memories With Wedding Sparklers

Despite the latest trends in weddings, the direction is more or less the same starting with the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception. The wedding reception basically comprises a night of celebratory music with some dancing, entertainment, and romance. After all the fun and good times with family and friends, the bride and groom must now head out to their bridal car and go to their honeymoon destination; and lighting up their path using wedding sparklers is one bright idea of sending them off.

This one of the most romantic ideas there are to making weddings more memorable and becoming a popular wedding idea until this day. With these wedding sparklers, you can literally light up your wedding exit as bright and groom and conclude the night of partying and dancing away.

A lot of weddings make sure to incorporate these wedding sparklers after their wedding reception. The idea of using wedding sparklers to light up your way while exiting towards your honeymoon is a mighty fine one as long as you of some things worthy of consideration when getting them. When it comes to wedding sparklers, first things first, they are not the ones that come in regular sizes. When it comes to the length of your wedding sparklers, it must be 36 inches. They must be this long so that they can remain burning for a good four minutes max. Also, they allow more room for the groom and bride. To be safe when they are burning, you should go with those that come with metal cores. You better steer clear from the bamboo sparkler variety because they are the kind that can easily disintegrate into smaller fragments that are hot. The most ideal number of wedding sparklers should be 24, where you divide theme equally on each side.

When you are done with buying your wedding sparklers, you must do further preparations when using them. Be sure to set aside buckets of water that will work well in getting rid of the flames of the sparklers. Be sure to set aside some first aid kits as well as that you can use.

Before lighting up the wedding sparklers, it is a must that you inform the other guests of your plans. It is recommended that you do quick test without really having to light up everything and only when things go well must you proceed with the real deal. Make sure to inform the bride and groom about such a tunnel. Ensure to keep the guests arranged at safe distances while standing with these sparklers. This allows the safety of the guests that you have as well as the bride and groom from these sparkler flames. Now have all wedding sparklers lit! Let the wedding photographer stand by and get ready to take this magical moment. When the right timing is achieved, you can get the best results out of them.

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