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Reasons for Using Teflon

Teflon has very many uses in today’s world. Teflon has non-stick properties, high-temperature resistance, little reaction to chemicals, and reduces corrosion and cracking. Teflon is used in the cookware industry because of its slippery surface. The slippery nature makes it to be non-stick hence, it is possible to cook food without it sticking on your pot or pan. With the non stick ability of the Teflon coated pan, you can use less cooking oil in your cooking.

We can also use Teflon in the nail polish industry. The slippery nature of Teflon makes it able to form a very smooth surface that won’t crack. The smooth surface ability of Teflon makes is a good substance to be used when making nail polish. A combination of PTFE and nail polish makes it more durable and not to crack easily.

The beauty industry also applies Teflon as it is used to make straighteners and curling items. The beauty sector relies on Teflon as it is able to withstand high temperatures.

Teflon is essential when it comes to making windshield wiper blades in the vehicle industry. Wiper blades are made smooth after coating them with Teflon. The wipers smoothness enables them to glide across the windshield with ease.Teflon is also used in the vehicle industry to act as a coat on vehicles while offering paint protection to the vehicle. A protective layer is formed on your paint, and an extra shine provided by the Teflon coating added to your vehicle. Teflon serves to reduce friction on the material applied on it. Teflon will help to avoid corrosion to the paint keeping it intact regardless of the weather, whether high or low temperatures.

Carpet protection is another use of Teflon in your home. Teflon treated carpets do not allow stains to stick on them if they fall on them. Teflon is also treated with fabrics to make stains come off easily as they also don’t stick on the fabric. Teflon can be used in the steel and chemical industry for its unique properties. Industries that handle corrosive substances which are required to be transferred at high temperatures apply the use of Teflon.

The hoses of such industries erode a lot due to constant transfer from one place to another. To avoid this, the hose is. Coated with Teflon. Teflon coated hoses deteriorate at a much slower rate if you compare them with other hoses that are made from other materials. This become possible because Teflon has properties enabling it to reduce corrosion and cracking. Teflon is quite important in today’s industries and it is proving to be quite versatile with so many uses coming up every single day.

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